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Sam Lan is your trusted partner for sealing films, desiccant beads, adhesive tapes, and a wide range of other products, catering to diverse market needs. We deliver high-quality solutions to help preserve and transport goods efficiently. With dedication and professionalism, Sam Lan remains the top choice for business partners both domestically and internationally.

A Glimpse into Sam Lan

For over a decade, Sam Lan Co., Ltd. has been a leader in manufacturing and supplying sealing films and desiccant packs in Vietnam. Since 2014, our mission has been to provide optimal packaging solutions that are convenient, safe, and of the highest quality.

From the start, we adopted the motto: "Quality is our passion - Customers are family." This commitment has allowed us to grow and excel. Today, we proudly stand as a leader in our field. Our vision goes beyond producing high-quality sealing films and desiccant packs. We are dedicated to researching and developing new packaging solutions to meet the diverse needs of the market. Our products ensure quality and are environmentally friendly, helping businesses enhance their brand value. Key Strengths of Sam Lan Co., Ltd.: 1. Top-notch Quality: Our sealing films and desiccant packs meet the highest quality standards, meticulously tested before reaching our customers. 2. Exceptional Service: We prioritize our customers, understanding their needs to deliver the best service. 3. Professional Team: Our experienced and dedicated technicians are always ready to address inquiries and provide consultations. 4. Advanced Technology: We invest in modern machinery and cutting-edge technology to improve product quality and efficiency. Sam Lan Co., Ltd specializes in high-quality sealing membranes for plastic or glass bottles, jars, and containers. Our products ensure airtightness and protection, serving various industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, yogurt, agricultural chemicals, lubricants, cosmetics, consumer goods, labels, electronics, telecommunications, and more. We are committed to customer satisfaction, continuously innovating and applying advanced technology to meet the highest standards. At Sam Lan, we prioritize customer benefits, offering dedicated after-sales service and effective solutions to meet market demands.

  • + 10 Year of development
  • + 3000 Customers
  • + 1 billion Product sold

Forward-looking vision

Our mission is to become the leading manufacturer and provider of comprehensive packaging solutions, ensuring the safety and protection of products in the global market.


Our ambition is to lead in the manufacture of sealing films, not only within Vietnam but across global markets.


Our goal is to deliver holistic and tailored packaging solutions, enhancing the utility and safety of your products. Good packaging means convenience and safety. We strive to amplify your brand's presence, driving sustainable and prosperous growth.

Core Values

Our Core Values: "Giver Gains, Integrity and Accountability, Innovation, Recognition, Continuous Learning and Growth, Respect."

The Development History of Sam Lan Co., Ltd.

Established in 2014, Sam Lan Co., Ltd. began as a typical die-cutting company with a modest factory space of 200m². Specializing in seal films, desiccant packs, humidity indicator cards, sealing machines, and various other packaging materials, we quickly set our sights on expansion and improving product quality.
Startup Phase (2014 - 2018)
By 2019, after years of research and technological advancements, Sam Lan successfully produced its first rolls of seal film. This milestone marked a significant transformation in our production capabilities and product quality, ushering in a new era for Sam Lan in the packaging industry.
Production Breakthrough (2019)
Continuous growth and investment have led to the construction of the largest seal film and desiccant pack production facility in Northern Vietnam. Our modern, spacious factory has increased productivity, meeting the growing demands of both domestic and international markets.
Expansion and Development Phase (2020 - Present)

Partners – Esteemed Customers

Our distinguished clientele includes industry leaders, innovative organizations, and influential individuals, all sharing a commitment to excellence and innovation.

Awards & Recognition:

Our accolades include prestigious awards from industry organizations, international quality and innovation certifications, reflecting our unwavering commitment to excellence and reliability in our field.
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