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Sam Lan’s EPE Bottle Cap Liner – The Perfect Packaging Solution

In the packaging industry, protecting products from external factors is of paramount importance. Sam Lan Co., Ltd. proudly introduces the “EPE Bottle Cap Liner” – an optimal solution for achieving tight sealing and preventing leakage effectively.

Đệm Lót Nắp Chai EPE
EPE Bottle Cap Liner

What is the EPE Bottle Cap Liner?

The “EPE Bottle Cap Liner” is crafted from PE (Polyethylene) foam, featuring a smooth and soft white surface. The EPE liner is designed to completely seal the bottle cap opening, ensuring no gaps are left behind, thereby preventing the spillage or leakage of internal liquids.

Benefits of the EPE Bottle Cap Liner

  1. Spill and Leakage Prevention:

The EPE liner effectively seals the bottle cap, preventing leakage and spillage of liquids, ensuring the product’s safe preservation.

  1. Product Protection:

PE foam possesses water-resistant properties, safeguarding the product from external elements such as air and moisture, maintaining product quality and freshness.

  1. High Durability:

The EPE liner exhibits high durability, withstanding pressure and deformation, preserving its shape and sealing effectiveness throughout transportation and storage.

  1. User-Friendliness:

Featuring a smooth and soft white surface, the EPE liner is easy to install and use, offering user convenience.

Types of EPE Bottle Cap Liners

Đệm Lót Nắp Chai EPE
EPE Bottle Cap Liner
  1. EPE Liner with Film:

This type of liner is coated with a thin film to enhance its water-resistant properties and provide better product protection.

  1. EPE Liner without Film:

This type of liner does not have a film coating, making it suitable for products that do not require high water resistance but still demand tight sealing.

Applications of the EPE Bottle Cap Liner

Sam Lan’s “EPE Bottle Cap Liner” finds extensive applications in various industries:

  • Beverages: Ensures no leakage and preserves the original flavor.

  • Cosmetics: Protects liquid and cream-based products.

  • Pharmaceuticals: Maintains the safety and hygiene of medical products.

  • Pesticides: Prevents leakage and protects the environment.

  • Chemicals: Ensures safety during storage and transportation.

Why Choose Sam Lan’s EPE Bottle Cap Liner?

Sam Lan Co., Ltd. is committed to providing high-quality EPE bottle cap liners that meet all customer requirements. Our products are manufactured using premium materials, adhering to international quality standards.

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