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Introducing Sam Lan’s Adhesive Tape Products – A Reliable Partner for All Packaging Needs

Transparent adhesive tape is one of the primary adhesive tape products on the market, widely used not only in daily life but also in manufacturing, office settings, and various other fields. This product is an essential item for businesses, companies, and households. With a deep understanding of customer needs, Sam Lan proudly stands as a professional provider of packaging solutions.

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Why Choose Sam Lan’s Adhesive Tape Products?

In addition to offering a range of sealants, moisture-proof beads, and packaging machinery supplies, we also bring to the market a diverse selection of high-quality adhesive tapes:

  • Transparent Adhesive Tape: Widely used and of high quality.

  • Adhesive Tape: Includes various types such as standard adhesive tape and transparent adhesive tape.

  • Adhesive Tape Rolls: Available in large and small rolls for various purposes.

  • Industrial Adhesive Tape: With superior quality, meeting the needs of large enterprises.

  • Sports Adhesive Tape and Thick Transparent Adhesive Tape: Suitable for a wide range of professional and household applications.

Technical Specifications of Sam Lan’s Adhesive Tape

Diverse Sizes: Sam Lan offers adhesive tape products in various sizes to suit every customer’s packaging needs:

  • Width: From 12mm to 70mm, catering to needs from small to large.

  • Thickness: Ranging from 0.40micron to 0.50micron, ensuring durability and safety during use.

  • Length: From 100 yards to 1000 yards, meeting the usage requirements of individuals and businesses alike.

Sam Lan’s products stand out not only for their quality but also for their variety. We offer a range of adhesive tapes, from transparent adhesive tapes, large and small, to industrial and sports adhesive tapes. With competitive pricing and guaranteed quality, Sam Lan’s adhesive tape is sure to be the top choice for all your packaging needs.

Contact Sam Lan today for consultation and experience our high-quality adhesive tape products and professional services. We are always ready to accompany and support you on your path to success.

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