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Sam Lan’s Vented Seal: A Comprehensive Solution for Your Products

Sam Lan’s vented seal is an optimal product for the safe and efficient preservation and transportation of chemical products.

Màng Seal Thoát Khí
Vent Seal Liner

Technical Specifications of Vented Seals

  • Thickness: Ranging from 1.0 mm to 1.5 mm

  • Dimensions: Diverse, from 30 mm to 70 mm or customized to meet specific customer requirements. We ensure the product perfectly aligns with your needs.

Salient Features of Sam Lan’s Vented Seals

  • Effective Corrosion Resistance: Specially designed for bottles containing chemical drugs, the seal offers resistance to acids, salts, and corrosion, providing comprehensive product protection.

  • Specialized Vent Holes: The unique vent hole construction prevents bottle bulging, maintains consistent sealing, and eliminates spills.

  • Efficient Gas Release: In addition to corrosion resistance, the seal also releases gases generated within the product, preventing bulging, blistering, and bottle explosions during storage and transportation.

Applications of Vented Seals

  • Veterinary Medicines: Preserve and transport veterinary medicines, preventing leakage and safeguarding product quality.

  • Pharmaceuticals: Ensure the safety of pharmaceutical products, shielding them from external factors.

  • Pesticides: Combat corrosion and effectively release gases, protecting products during storage and transportation.

Partnering for Growth

Sam Lan takes pride in being a trusted partner for businesses in the agrochemical industry. We are committed to providing high-quality vented seals that meet all customer requirements. Contact us today for prompt consultation and support!

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