Seal Film

Bottle and jar sealing membranes are the perfect solution for protecting products from air, moisture, and bacteria, ensuring quality and safety. Additionally, these seals affirm the brand and build consumer trust. When consumers see the seal, they feel more secure, which strengthens the brand and increases customer loyalty.

Advanced Seal Technology

Sam Lan Seal Technology is proud to offer the perfect packaging solution to meet the most demanding customer requirements

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Product Seal Film

Sam Lan Seal Technology - The Perfect Choice for Smart Businesses!
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Why Choose Sam Lan Seal Technology?
“ With their reputable team, superior quality, and enthusiastic and experienced consultants, they helped me choose the right type and size of seal for my product, right from the initial stages. My product quality has improved, and my brand is growing stronger. “
Mr. Moc
Competitive prices
Reasonable pricing policies suitable for all customers, along with many attractive promotions and discounts.
Professional services
Our team of enthusiastic and experienced consultants who are always ready to answer all customer questions
Long-standing reputation
With over 10 years of experience in the seal film industry, Sam Lan has established its reputation and position in the market
Meets international standards
Meeting Quatest, ISO 22000, and VSATTP standards to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Areas of use:

Milk and dairy products
Extends shelf life, prevents leakage, and features anti-counterfeiting branding.
Preserves product freshness and prevents contamination from harmful airborne pollutants
Ensures safe delivery to consumers.
Agricultural Applications
Protects pesticides, fertilizers, and other agricultural chemicals from leaks and spills
Lubricants and Greases
Prevents leakage and protects brand identity
Cosmetics and Personal Care
Enhances product aesthetics and prevents spills.
Other industries
Secures the closure of bottles, jars, and containers

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