Sam Lan’s high-quality tape is ideal for all your packing, labeling, and repair needs. With exceptional durability and strong adhesion on various surfaces, this tape ensures the safety and neatness of your goods. Perfect for both industrial and household use, Sam Lan’s tape is your reliable choice for any task.

Product Engineering

Sam Lan employs state-of-the-art techniques to create top-notch carton sealing tapes, fulfilling the diverse demands of customers in multiple industries.

  • iconSuperior Bond Strength
  • iconSuperior Durability:
  • iconDiverse Product Selection
  • iconEnvironmentally Friendly
  • iconReasonable Prices

Product Tape

With great pride, we present this range of products, characterized by exceptional features and cutting-edge capabilities, guaranteeing it fulfills all your storage requirements.
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Why Choose Sam Lan Tapes?
“ Sam Lan tapes stand out for their superior adhesion and durability, ensuring a secure hold for all your goods. We offer a wide variety of options, including clear tape, colored tape, and double-sided tape, to meet all your packaging needs. With our eco-friendly materials, you can use our tapes with peace of mind, knowing that they have a minimal environmental impact. Additionally, our affordable prices help you save money without compromising on quality. “
Mr Hoang
Online fashion shop owner
Superior Quality
Strong Adhesion and Flexibility: This translation accurately conveys the tape's ability to stick firmly and maintain its flexibility.
Professional Guidance
Experienced Team of Consultants: This translation accurately conveys the extensive experience and expertise of the consulting team.
Unconditional Safety Commitment
High Quality with Safety Certifications and Versatility: This translation accurately conveys the product's superior quality, safety certifications, and wide range of applications.
Versatile and Wide-Ranging Applications
Ideal for Packaging Diverse Products

Areas of use:

Safe Storage and Quality Maintenance
Cosmetics and Personal Care
Protection from Impact and Damage
Prevent Spillage during Transportation
Tamper-Proof Seal
Veterinary Medicines
Ensure Product Safety during Transportation
Lubricants and Greases
Quality Preservation and Leak Prevention
Pesticides and Fertilizers
Performance Preservation and Quality Assurance
Product Security

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